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┬ę 2021

Welcome To Brighton Talks


Brighton Talks is companion to the Walking Tour company

Qualified Tourist Guides, Lyn Neville and her colleagues provide a wide variety of popular walking tours in her home city of Brighton and Hove and the South of England.

With a wide knowledge of all things Brighton, Lyn has compiled a series of talks suitable for Clubs, Residential Homes, Schools and Colleges. When the heavens open and the days shorten, sometimes it's nice to stay inside, relax and learn a little bit more about our wonderful City.

The list of talks is not exhaustive and can be mixed and matched to your requirements. Please let us know if there is a specific topic or interest that you would like us to cover.

Brighton Talks are informative and fun, please contact us to find out more

tel.01273 302100 mob.7775870195