Brighton has a wealth of history, each age having its stories and scandals. Whether you are interested in a historical journey through Brighton or wish to focus on a particular era. We have the talk for you.

Early Years ~ From humble beginnings to being granted a Market Charter and then being burnt to the ground, to the escape of a jolly monach.

Regency Brighton ~ Learn about how the craze for sea- bathing began and how the Prince Regent became Brighton’s most famous resident. Hear tales of his lavish lifestyle and unusual friendships and how Brighton became The Place to be.

Victorian/Edwardian ~ With the arrival of the railways life in England changed dramatically and the working class man had more freedom than ever before. People flocked to see the sea for the first time in their lives and promenade along the magnificent structures out in the sea known as piers.

Life during the British Empire was very good for some but the coming of the first World War would change life beyond recognition.

Brighton in the Wars ~ Life in Brighton during the 2 World Wars. Why was the Royal Pavilion turned into a hospital and what happened to Brighton's West Pier? also not damaged badly by bombs, Brighton had its own war to tell.